4 Ways A Mother-Son Relationship Can Affect Your Marriage


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Whether it's strained or he's a mama's boy, your man's bond with his mother will explain a lot.

I am so thankful that my husband shares a healthy balance of love, respect and separation with his mother. Their relationship is one that I personally cherish. I have spent time alone with my own mother-in-law, and she has a genuine love for her son; she believes that we need to think more in terms of him and I, less about what our parents think. I love her for that. She also told me she wants my husband to be able to discuss things with me and come to a conclusion without input from either of his parents. 10 Things Not To Do At Thanksgiving Dinner With His Parents

And I think she's right. And I think both my husband and her attitude toward their relationship is a best-case-scenario. (Lucky me!)


My husband and I have discussed our relationship, and where our parents fit in. We feel we should discuss decisions and situations with each other before we ever discuss things with our parents. Communication is what a great marriage is made of, and we are working on it. Unlike some of the ladies above, his mom is not in the picture in that regard.

A healthy balance of love, respect, and separation between a mother and son is what makes a great relationship. His relationship with his mother can be a good thing. As for you, make sure he knows that. And realize his mother can make him a better partner for you. But if you feel your man is favoring his mother over you, talk to him. Be honest and open with your partner about your feelings, and you're much more likely to feel like your man's a mama's boy. Her influence will remain crucial, but subtle—as it should.

Does your partner's relationship with his mother affect your relationship?

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