5 Reasons We Love Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg at Ted premiere
Our top five reasons why we can't resist the delicious and funny "Ted" star.

4. He had those good ol' "Marky-Mark" days. You didn't think we were going to leave this off the list, did you? Althought he's nowhere near the 1991 Good Vibrations singer that he used to be, we still love 90s Mark. Looking at him in his boy band days makes us swoon. His brother Donnie Wahlberg started the boy band trend with New Kids on the Block with Mark as one of the original five members. When he decided to exit, he made room for Joe McIntyre to step in. Mark turned to music to release his energy as his parents encouraged, which he later turned into acting. We'd say it all worked out pretty well. Mark Wahlberg And 30 More Smokin' Hot Dudes Over 40!

5. His, um... assets. We can't get enough of his eyes, smile, abs, legs and how every inch of him is covered with muscle--to sum it up nicely. You can't even mention Mark Wahlberg without thinking of his body. We saw it in Calvin Klien ads, in snapshots at the beach and even when he's fully dressed. This man might as well be flames, he's so hot. Don't deny it either – girls want to be with him, and men want to be like him.


We left out many amazing things about this gorgeous guy (like his love for charity, aww!) We couldn't include everything! So, do you agree that Wahlberg's got the whole package?

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