How to Be A “Grown-Up” in an Open Relationship


How to Be A “Grown-Up” in an Open Relationship
What not to do in an open relationship and how to quickly lose the person you’re dating.

There are many people out there in open relationships, but many don’t know how to be an adult in one. My number one rule for being in an open relationship is honesty then to respect the person you’re sleeping with, always. Even if you’re sleeping with two or three people, you respect each one and treat them how you want to be treated. I truly believe that you treat others how you want to be treated. So when I see someone treating me like crap then they must want me to treat them like crap too.

And remember that when you’re in an open relationship that the person(s) you’re dating are people with feelings just like you, so respect them and be honest.

Here’s what not to do in an open relationship and how to quickly lose the person you’re dating: 

- Be Open - In the very beginning be open and honest about the kind of open relationship you want. Meaning, will you be serious with only one person where you swing with each other or only see other people when you’re out of town, etc.? Or do you want an open relationship where you can see as many people as you want and you don’t talk about it to each other? There are many other ways to go about an open relationship, this is why you need to talk about it in the beginning and be open and honest about what you both want so as not to hurt the other person down the road. (That is if you're a person who has a heart). If you just want to be a "player" then don't say you want to be in an open relationship or agree to be in one. Big difference in the two.

- Don’t Lie – The great thing about being in an open relationship is that you have NO reason to lie to the other person. There’s no need to lie about where you were the other night because you both know you’re seeing other people. You don’t have to come right out and say you were out with another girl, just say you were out and leave it at that. But don’t say you were out with guy friends and make up a big story then get caught in your lie down the road. That only shows that you have something to hide when you never did to begin with.

- Little Lies – If you can’t be up front with someone from day one, with something as little as your age, then what else are you going to lie about to the person you’re dating? And when someone does catch you in a little lie, tell the truth. Don’t lie again about your age, because then you’ve made the lie bigger and it just shows that if you’re capable about lying about that (3 times), then what else are you lying about that’s big?

- Respect The Person You’re Sleeping With – I said this before and I can’t stress this enough but you have to respect the person(s) you’re sleeping with in an open relationship. Meaning, don’t take naked photos of them and betray their trust, along with acting like an immature adult, by texting them to your guy friends. That is so immature!

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