My Week With MeetMoi: Putting Location-Based Dating To The Test


My Week With MeetMoi
Tired of online dating? So was I... and then I tried MeetMoi, the mobile matchmaker.

By day five, I was starting to fear I'd become stuck in the clicking-and-winking phase, having exchanged winks with several guys without having any follow through with a chat.

"I'm starting to think I might be single forever," I complained to a friend over after-work cocktails one day, when suddenly, my phone flashed with a notification from MeetMoi.


"Jeremy44 wants to chat with you!" it said. That screen name rang a bell, though I wasn't entirely sure why. I opened the app and saw his profile photo. Lo and behold, one of the guys whose profiles I liked had also liked mine. A surge of optimism rushed through my body. Maybe I won't be single forever, after all, I thought.

I reviewed his profile. He was 32 (just like me), tall, handsome, employed and everything else I look for in an online dating profile. We chatted casually over the course of about an hour, all while I sipped my drink at happy hour and gossiped with my girlfriend. This was exciting.

MeetMoi's chat feature allowed me the opportunity to get a feel for Jeremy44 without any obligation, but by the end of our allotted 60-minute session, I wanted more. "Should I give him my number?" I asked my friend nervously. "Go for it!" she urged, and I boldly obliged. "Here's hoping he'll call!" I said, and we clinked our cocktails.

Only time will tell what will happen between me and Jeremy44. All I know is that I can't wait to see what MeetMoi has in store for me next week!

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