'Safety Not Guaranteed': Two Girls, One Review

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Safety Not Guaranteed aubrey plaza Mark Duplass
In new flick "Safety Not Guaranteed," time travel ends up acting as a metaphor for love.

N: Well, everything about Kenneth surprised me quite a bit. He was just this out-of-the-box character that you kind of think is going to turn out to be insane. I wasn't sure what to think of him for most of the movie, but I think that's the idea. 

A: Let's not reveal too much, but Kenneth may or may not have been lying about whether this ex-girlfriend is still alive. I can relate that Darius was shaken up by this, but she wasn't completely honest with Kenneth either — she met him to work on a story, not out of a genuine belief in his mission. Although it seems like she starts to believe in it later on.


Again, I feel like "time travel" in this movie was just a metaphor for love. In our minds, we travel backward and forward in time, thinking of who and what came before, mistakes we don't want to repeat, and we want to cover new ground. It's scary and exciting and a little crazy when you think about it.

N: Do you think Darius and Kenneth are a couple that's meant to last? Or does the movie just celebrate their crazy moment in time without any hint to a future?

A: Or could they end up trapped in time together? Wait. Is this still a metaphor?

Watch Safety Not Guaranteed in theaters now to find out what happens to Darius and Kenneth. Would you go back in time and change any moments in your romantic life?  

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