Best Celebrity Dads (Who Also Make Great Husbands)


Best Celebrity Dads (Who Also Make Great Husbands)
Five great celebrity fathers and husbands.

By Che Blackwood

At times, dads seem to know everything. They're the ones we can always turn to, whether we need advice on how to drive manual transmission or just want to play soccer. That’s why we love them. However, the greatest lesson a dad can teach is what he’ll do for those he loves, including being an awesome husband. By keeping his relationship strong, a father is able to ensure his entire family rests atop a foundation that can weather anything. Here are some celebrity dads who have unlocked the secrets to a strong family by keeping both their kids and wives happy:


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1. Brad Pitt: While Brad Pitt might not be married yet, he definitely qualifies as a great father and partner. From taking time out of his busy schedule to see his children every day to stressing the importance of family dinners, Brad makes sure his Hollywood lifestyle is kept separate from his home life. To keep his family close, he even makes sure Angelina Jolie only works five days a week. Meanwhile, before proposing to Jolie, Pitt spent a year consulting the best jewelers to ensure the ring would fit her hand and lifestyle perfectly. With such attention to detail, he’s able to guarantee a happy life for himself, his soon-to-be wife and their six beautiful children.

2. David Beckham: For this gorgeous athlete, it can’t be easy to act in ways that are more impressive than his jawline. But, outside of being a soccer star, model and fashion icon, David Beckham’s most notable role is that of a father. By dressing up as the Easter Bunny last April, taking each boy to sporting events on their own and constantly being photographed cuddling with his kids in public, it’s obvious that his family is his highest priority. However, being an active father doesn’t mean he neglects his famous wife, Victoria Beckham. The two were recently caught kissing at a sporting event, and are often off vacationing with their family.

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