5 Parenting Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrity Dads


Gavin Rossdale with son Kingston
From Gavin Rossdale to Brad Pitt, these famous fathers are showing us how to be there for our kids!

4. Support your children's choices. That being said, if stars' kids do decide to follow in their parent's footsteps, it's great that there are dads out their like Jerry Stiller and Billy Ray Cyrus who help their sons and daughters (like Ben Stiller and Miley Cyrus) achieve their dreams. Jerry Stiller frequently appears in his son's movies, and Billy Ray was a regular on Hannah Montana and on-stage with Miley. How Do Miley Cyrus' Parents Feel About Her Engagement?

5. Quality time spent together is what matters. Our hearts melt whenever we see paparazzi shots of Gavin Rossdale pushing his sons Kingston and Zuma on the swings in the park, or Hugh Jackman having a snowball fight with his two adopted children, Oscar and Ava. These are the moments when all traces of fame are erased and all that's left is a dad genuinely enjoying time spent with his kids. These are also moments that kids will never forget, and they're what make a bond between father and son or father and daughter so strong.


Tell us: who's your favorite celebrity dad?

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