'Lola Versus' Review: Don't Ditch Your Friends If You Get Dumped


Greta Gerwig as Lola and Joel Kinnaman as Luke in 'Lola Versus.'
In 'Lola Versus,' a woman for once gets over a breakup WITHOUT the help of her friends.

We all have that one friend who went through the breakup she cannot stop talking about. If it was three weeks ago, you get it. It's still raw. If it was three months ago, okay. You figure she and her ex were together for awhile. She thought she'd found The One. Of course it still hurts. But after three months, well, it's time for your friend to shut up already, if you even hang out anymore. I know what I'm talking about, because I've been that friend talking about the breakup. A few too many times. And while I think sharing your emotions is an important part of friendship and of the healing process, I also think distracting yourself in some other constructive way is just as essential.*

The engaging, easy-to-watch Lola Versus, the latest film from the creative/romantic duo of Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones, begins and ends with a birthday. It opens at the start of Lola's (Greta Gerwig) 29th year. She wakes up with her live-in boyfriend Luke (Joel Kinnaman) who teases that despite her "advanced" age, she still looks as sexy as a white J. Lo. Later, he proposes. We flash forward to three weeks before their wedding. Lola comes home all aglow from a bridal fitting, and Luke's sitting on the couch looking tortured. "I can't do this anymore," he says. The Writer/Director Couple Behind "Lola Versus" On Messy Breakups


Interestingly, we don't see the breakup itself. Perhaps it's because breakups are universal enough that we can fill in the blanks? Lazy filmmaking? I wasn't sure. Instead, we see Lola sitting on the toilet and weeping. Then we watch her move back to the apartment she had been subletting. She ends up running into Luke again and again. Sometimes he's contrite and says he just needed some space. Except not that much space. But just enough space to see someone else who wasn't his fiance. Ugh. Read the rest...

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