5 Benefits Of A Long Distance Relationship


5 Benefits Of A Long Distance Relationship
Find out why a LDR isn't so bad after all!

4. It can make the relationship stronger and healthier. When two people in love are also fulfilling their own hopes and dreams, that positive energy will spill over into their relationship. A couple is only as strong as the two individuals who form it. If either partner feels they have no free time, missed out on their dreams or lack fulfillment, the relationship is bound to suffer.

5. You can still keep the romance alive. Being apart doesn't mean that you'll be treating each other like strangers. You can find ways to connect every day, and even tell your lover goodnight each night. With modern advancements like Skype, you can even see each other's faces and talk about your day while eating dinner at the table.

Don't think of these types of relationships as dispassionate and lonely! Absence can make the heart grow fonder. You'll be even more passionate and romantic if you find unique ways to stay bonded though physically separated. For reasons like these, long distance relationships can definitely be very healthy. Being able to be the best "you" while having a deep, loving commitment to one another can truly be the best of both worlds.

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