Are You In A Fast Food Relationship?

Are You In A Fast Food Relationship?

Find out how our relationships these days are feeling the impact of life in the fast lane.

We live in an age where we have grown accustomed to instant gratification. From instant coffee, to instant fast food, to instant messaging, we have become pros at pressing a button or two and having our every wish fulfilled. By the same token, we usually demonstrate loads of impatience with anything, any one or any process that takes longer than five minutes.

So, how does our propensity for the fast lane factor in our intimate relationships or even in our pursuit of such? For those not yet in a settled or permanent relationship, viewing life through the lens of the instantaneous can yield a lifetime of misery. In the first place, such an individual is likely to feel hard-pressed to make a relationship happen with speed.

While looking for "the one" or seeking out a potential life partner may be all well and good, a fast food view of life could virtually cause us to make a wrong or hurried relationship choice. By the same token, those already in serious relationships or marriages could also be adversely affected if they adopt this "fast food" approach when dealing with their relationship challenges.

What exactly is this "fast-food" approach? Maybe, we could understand it easily by simply examining the known qualities of fast food. Everyone who has ever passed by one of those restaurants knows that today's instant offerings thrive on external things like aroma and presentation. One glance at that large, brightly-lit menu board with its pictures of big, succulent burgers and brown crispy fried chicken is usually enough to convince us that we need it regardless of what the health buffs say.

In the same way, many of us can become carried away by the external packaging when making relationship choices, in spite of the fact that this practice has not served us well in the past. Everything we have learned about what we should to avoid in toxic relationships can be placed on the back burner, simply because we want a man and we want him now!

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