Show Your Guy It Doesn't Take Forever in the Mirror to Get Glam!


Show Your Guy It Doesn't Take Forever in the Mirror to Get Glam!
Men often complain women take too long to get ready. These tips & tricks will prove them wrong.

Almost every type of beauty product comes in a 2-in-1 formula these days. It doesn't hurt to invest in a couple of key 2-in-1 items that you can keep reserved for those days when you won't have much time to cater to your traditional makeup routine. Ideal examples include eye shadow with primer already built in, lip color/lip gloss combo and double-ended mascara and eye liner duos.

Prepare in Advance


Perhaps what takes the most time in the makeup routine for a woman trying to get ready is the act of locating everything you want to use on your face. Instead of waiting until the last minute to do this, set aside the makeup items you'll need well in advance of when you plan on actually getting ready. This means displaying all your tools, makeup palettes, brushes, etc. neatly on your bathroom counter. With everything in clear view, you'll be able to knock out your look in less time.

Customize your time saving routine to your liking and with practice, you'll eventually be able to master the process, which means having your sweetie's attention focused on your beautiful face instead of his watch.

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