5 Ways Facebook Can Help Mark Zuckerberg Keep His Marriage Strong


5 Ways Facebook Can Help Mark Zuckerberg Keep His Marriage Strong
Advice to Mark Zuckerberg on how Facebook can help his marriage.

A friend of mine had long-term problems in her marriage. When it finally ended in divorce, people were stunned. “I had no idea there was a problem,” friends said repeatedly. This couple kept their problems private, but they were still there eating away at the relationship. So the next time your frenemy posts an Instagram photo of herself and her movie star husband vacationing in Italy, remember that appearances can be deceiving. 4. Block the games: There are endless ways to waste your time on Facebook. Messages, comments, causes, alerts, Farmville—so many ways to become distracted. My personal nemesis is Words with Friends. The same holds true in a relationship. Whether it’s working long hours or going out excessively with the girls, anything that distracts a couple from their relationship is a threat. Priscilla knows this. The Daily Beast reports that she is mitigating the workaholic tendencies of her husband by laying down some ground rules for the relationship: 100 minutes of alone time and one date per week. Related: 7 Ways to Build a Love That Lasts 5. “Like” everything: It’s easy to get bogged down in what is wrong with a relationship instead of what is right. When your three-year-old clogs the toilet with a Barbie and the boss is making extreme demands at work, it’s hard to look at your partner with the same starry-eyed perspective as you did when you were dating. But keeping a positive attitude is one of the best things you can do for a relationship. As Norman Vincent Peale outlines in his famous book, The Power of Positive Thinking, the key to becoming a positive, happy person is to be aware of your thinking patterns and replace negative thinking with positive thinking. For example, instead of saying, “My husband is so messy,” look at the flip side: “I’m so glad my husband doesn’t bark at me about every little household chore.” Whenever possible, give your relationship a big thumbs-up. Mark and Priscilla are off to a good start. The Facebook founder is famously low-key (still donning his hoodie from college), and his new wife is focused on humanitarian causes. As Priscilla’s former science teacher said to the Daily Mail, they want to change the world together and are blessed to have the resources to do it. With a few Facebook-inspired relationship reminders, this royal couple of the tech world can beat the odds and establish a secure foundation for a happy, healthy marriage.

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