5 Ways Facebook Can Help Mark Zuckerberg Keep His Marriage Strong


5 Ways Facebook Can Help Mark Zuckerberg Keep His Marriage Strong
Advice to Mark Zuckerberg on how Facebook can help his marriage.

By Amy Osmond Cook On May 19, Mark Zuckerberg married longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in a private ceremony the day after Facebook went public. She wore a traditional white wedding gown, and he even put on a suit for the occasion. As the Washington Post reported, fewer than 100 guests were in attendance, and they all arrived thinking they were celebrating Chan’s graduation from medical school. Mark and Priscilla are famously low-key and grounded. For the past nine years, their relationship has grown right along with Facebook. In fact, Mark and Priscilla can use principles learned from Facebook to strengthen their personal relationships. Below are five Facebook-inspired ways that the couple can keep their marriage strong: Related: 7 Ways to Flirt in a Web 2.0 World 1. Keep your relationship status public: No one wants to be left wondering what about his or her relationship status. Experts agree that communicating your feelings is a vital component of a good relationship. Nothing is worse than coming home to a spouse who is angry but won’t tell you why. A person who withholds his feelings to manipulate a partner is similarly despicable. So whenever possible, Mark and Priscilla need to check in with each other and keep their feelings out in the open. 2. Don't invite strangers into your inner circle: When you're married, you have to be each other’s biggest fan and keep any naysayers at arms’ length. Mark does this well. He recently gave ABC News a glowing report about how hard Priscilla worked to make sure her pediatric patients were well cared for: “She’ll see them getting sicker and then all of a sudden an organ becomes available and she comes home and her face is all lit up because someone’s life is going to better because of this.” Clearly, Mark is proud of his wife, and the feeling is mutual. No matter who you are, there are always going to be haters who criticize your spouse or your relationship. You just have to have enough sense not to “friend” them. 3. Don't waste your time looking at other people's profiles: There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Most people don’t like to air their issues out in the open, and serious problems can exist underneath the gloss of a perfectly touched-up family portrait.

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