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Do Women Have The Right To Expect Chivalry From Men?


Do Women Have The Right To Expect Chivalry From Men?
Do you expect chivalry from your date? Today, we're constantly divided on the topic.
A look at the shifting nature of gender roles, and how they impact male-female relationships.

Some may disagree and argue that women still need to continue fighting for equal pay and various other opportunities. To those women, I give the same advice I gave to men: resist the urge to lump anyone of the opposite sex into one, single category. It's true that some men are misogynistic and are prone to sexist power trips, but it's also true that many more are not. And even the nicest, most romantic of men have been listening to all our anthems of independence. They've seen us wear t-shirts that claim, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Can Powerful Women Find Love?

And then we wonder why chivalry is dead.

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Yes, I do understand where that male reader was coming from when he said we couldn't have it both ways, but also understand this: If the guy I am dating wants to open the car door, lend me his jacket, or fix something broken at my house, I'm sure as hell going to let him. Why? Because that's what real freedom and equality is. Real freedom means I no longer have anything to prove, so I'm free to allow myself to be taken care of once in a while—especially by men who are only doing it to be thoughtful.

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What do you think? How was the shifting nature of gender roles impacted your relationships

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