Dating Disaster: I Preferred His Ex-Wife


bad date
My date started complaining about his ex, expecting sympathy—instead, I started to agree with her.

"'Why don't you eat healthier food?' 'Why don't you exercise?' 'Why don't you open your own business?'" he recounts. "She was making me feel like a total failure." The more he explains to me how controlling and opinionated his ex-wife was, the more I side with her, starting arguments to prove him wrong. I am a strong, self-confident woman myself, and I value my views on life. It feels natural for me to agree with her. Did it cross my mind that I am there on a date not to reconcile him with his ex or to put his life in order? Of course not. In fifteen minutes, I drew up (on a napkin!) a five-year business plan for the beauty salon he was going to open, if he took my (and his ex's advice).

Obviously, he doesn't open the salon. Nor does he call me for a second date. 5 Ways Nagging Is Like Torture


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