8 Hot Celeb Flings We'd Love To See This Summer


Justin Bieber & Ashley Tisdale
We dream up celebrity couples that should get hot and heavy just for this summer!

Ahh, the summer fling. We've all had one (or wanted to have one) in the warm summer months. It's a short, passionate relationship that ensures you'll have fun weekend plans, plenty of romance in the sun and a clean break come September.

And don't kid yourself – celebs love their summer flings as well! Especially with their hectic lifestyles, a short romance may be exactly what they need to insert some love into their lives, if only for a brief time. How We Would Style 4 Hot Celebs For A Summer Date

We polled some of our staffers to find out which celebrities they'd love to see hook up this summer. Some of the pairings make perfect sense, but others we didn't expect at all! But who knows, maybe we just predicted the summer's hottest headlines! Check out our gallery now:

PHOTOS: 8 Hot Celeb Flings We'd Love To See This Summer

Tell us: who would you like to see hook up this summer?

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