Study: Female Underwear Models Are Objectified; Male Ones Aren't

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New study says that unlike female underwear models, male models are viewed as people.

According to a new study published in the May 2012 issue of Psychological Science, men and women in sexy underwear ads are processed astonishingly differently by the human brain. The brain processes women in underwear as objects, and men in underwear as people.

The difference in how the two sexes are processed is due in part to sexual objectification, which has been studied and documented at great length. Much of the documented research, however, focuses on only the effects of this objectification.

To test whether or not sexy men and women wearing underwear in suggestive poses were seen as people or objects, psychologists used a tried and true method of seeing if a test subject views an item as an object or something else: by turning the image of the item in question upside down.

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