Beach-Read Book Review: 'The First Husband' By Laura Dave


The First Husband laura dave
A tale of breakups, quickie weddings and what to do when something crazy just feels so right.

"Between Facebook and BBM and every other type of technology that makes you two clicks away from anyone in the universe, nowadays you've got to try not to get emotionally involved with someone new. You have to try not to reach out to an old fling and start shrieking about maybe we're meant to be." Isn't that interesting? Makes fidelity seem pretty tough, or even impossible, doesn't it? Sure, we live in a totally different world now than our parents did. But does that mean relationships are far more unreasonable to manage?

I don't think that's the case. Not when they're right. Which leads me to the other reason I liked this book. The novel confronts a major issue for women in long-term relationships who fall into routine: Sometimes you don't allow yourself to realize you could have so much more until the other party forces you to realize it. It's about settling, and women do it all the time. And what seems like the worst-case scenario, when your long-term partner breaks things off, can often turn out to be the biggest gift of your life. 20 Shocking Breakup Statistics


And fidelity? Not so hard when love is right. Annie slowly begins to realize that crazy concept. Even if you have your moments of doubt, they're just moments. When you're with the person you're meant to be with, when you experience unselfish love, you'll gravitate back to him. Your romantic life can be so much easier and better than you ever imagined it could be. And that's pretty perfect. And I like books that enforce this idea. Do you? If so, grab The First Husband. Dave's writing style is insanely readable. Head out to a pool, sip some icy drinks and fly through this realistic romance with a darn-satisfying ending. (Even if you could guess how it ends from the very first page.) 

What's your favorite romance summer beach read?

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