Beach-Read Book Review: 'The First Husband' By Laura Dave


The First Husband laura dave
A tale of breakups, quickie weddings and what to do when something crazy just feels so right.

What do you do when the man you thought you'd be with forever suddenly wants out of the relationship?

In Laura Dave's The First Husband, Annie Adams is a travel writer from Los Angeles with a workaholic director boyfriend, Nick, and a perfectly comfortable life. It looks great on the outside, even though she barely sees the man she lives with between her schedule and his. She has a super-awesome syndicated column. She has a dog. And she's convinced herself it's all exactly what she wants. So when Nick starts to bond with a childhood friend he rediscovers online, and then suddenly leaves to be with her, Annie's whole world shatters. And she does what most women would do after a breakup. She sulks. She stays in bed. She blocks it all out. 10 Tips For Surviving A Breakup


And after a period of days, she stumbles into Griffin.

Griffin is everything Nick was not. He's a chef with a plan to open his own restaurant. He's stable, he's kind, he's real, and he makes sure Annie knows how he feels about her. Only a few months after they meet, when he is about to move across the country, he doesn't balk at the thought of commitment: He gets down on one knee and seals the deal with a proposal. Annie is shocked by how fast she fell, and even though she thinks it's crazy to marry someone so fast, she can't say no. She doesn't want to say no. They get married.

But wouldn't you know it, Nick comes crawling back (men have great timing like that).

My guess is you'll figure out the ending to this novel pretty quick. But it doesn't matter, because that's not the point of reading it anyway. I like The First Husband, and for a couple reasons in particular. First, the book raises an interesting point. After Nick leaves Annie for his former flame, Annie's best friend, Jordan, comes over to break her out of that miserable funk. Jordan says something that really struck me:

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