5 Reasons We're Excited To See The Stripper Movie "Magic Mike"


Magic Mike on Entertainment Weekly
The new cover of Entertainment Weekly reminds us why we're itching for it to be June 29!

4. The deleted scenes and bloopers
We can tell the boys had one hell of a time making this film, and we're sure not every hilarious and clothes-free moment could make it into the film. But that's what the bloopers are for after the credits roll! "Actors, generally, if we finish our scenes early one day, we go home," Tatum tells Entertainment Weekly. "It wasn't like that on this set. Especially during the dances—we were there cheering everybody on." And, when sh*t hit the fan (or thongs hit the floor), the cameras kept rolling. When extras accidentally ripped McConaughey's thong off (apparently they were aggressive tippers), "I stayed in sequence," he tells the mag. "I went for the tuck. (Mimes covering his manhood) I went for the roll. (Mimes doing a forward roll) And I finished the dance." Wonder if that makes it onto the DVD!

5. The reality of it all
If you're not an obsessed fan of Channing Tatum, then you probably don't know that he was really a stripper in Florida before he made it big as a model and then actor. Magic Mike is inspired by his experience, so what goes down in the film will be as real as strolling into your local Chippendales. The cast did serious research, too – Tatum even brought his co-stars to their first male strip joint and a lesbian bar so they could test out their moves! So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you've never had the confidence to grab your girls and head to a  "junkyard" (get it?), you now have the option of heading to a much more PC location to see all of the hot, oiled up, male action unfold right before your very eyes. How Being A Stripper Made Me A Better Lover


And the critics say there are no quality movies anymore. Pssh!

Tell us: are you excited to see Magic Mike?