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9 Techniques For More Pleasurable Masturbation


9 Techniques For More Pleasurable Masturbation
How to make masturbation even more fun.
Just like sex, masturbating gets old when you do the same routine over and over.

7. Exploration. Don't just focus on your clitoris! Yes, many more women than not experience clitoral orgasms as opposed to vaginal and G spot related ones, but they do exist! Your time alone with your body is your time to explore your goodies and see exactly what feels best and how to get to that feeling.

8. Fantasize. You have an imagination for a reason. Sure, it's for more than just imaging Ryan Gosling throwing you over the couch and giving you the ol' in-out, but it also doesn't hurt to put it into overdrive when you're masturbating. Shut your eyes and let your fantasies unravel.

9. Be a tease. Men will tell you being a tease is no fun — well for them, no, but when you're masturbating, don't be afraid to tease yourself. If you're not in a rush, bring yourself to the brink of orgasm, then stop yourself. The stronger the build up and tension you can create, the greater the sensation will be. This is another technique that you'll be able to incorporate into your sex life, especially if you have a wee bit of dominance play going on between the sheets. 

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