5 Celeb Couples Who Can Control Their PDA


5 Celeb Couples Who Can Control Their PDA
PDA can often times be annoying but here are some couples who make it cute!

4. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. Smiling faces are an understatement with this celebrity pair, especially when pictured with their beautiful babies. The duo is usually spotted holding hands and placing kisses on each other's cheeks, creating a special glow about them whenever they are together.

5. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Holmes and Cruise are another charming couple whose photos demonstrate their closeness and the way they deeply care about one another. Cruise always wraps his arms around Holmes or has his hands poised on her face while he plants a kiss on her lips. Their long, trusting relationship is evident in the simple, but pleased way, this celebrity couple glances into one another's eyes.

What couples do you think go public with love and affection? Share your stories below.

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