One-Night Stand Etiquette: Who Should Cover Birth Control?

One-Night Stand Etiquette: Who Should Cover Birth Control?

One-Night Stand Etiquette: Who Should Cover Birth Control?

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A "he said/she said" on proper one-night stand etiquette.

However, a funny thing or two sometimes happens on the way to BarrierMethodsBurg: she's okay with or insists on going bareback. At that point, because of the somewhat reduced pleasure of condom-y sex, most guys will agree. If she's ambivalent about prophylactic use and where his "issue" ends up, it's an unwritten social contract that she is proofed in some way against becoming impregnated, be it the Pill, some medical condition or that ring thingy.

Smart? Nope. But when 5-12 minutes of intense pleasure are at stake, it's a little myopic to trust an intoxicated, turgid man in front of a naked lady to make the absolute best decisions.

However, if it's revealed that the previous assumption is proved false, most even remotely decent dudes are interested in helping towards a resolution using the calculus that a morning-after pill is less expensive than an abortion is less expensive than raising a child. Clearly, a condom is cheaper yet but see the previous statement regarding tumescent fellas and smart thinking.

In the history of one-night stands, very few dudes, to my knowledge, sit down to discuss the steps to be taken if it should result in a human life (or worse, a demon) but a thoughtful and sober-ish guy will and should and does ask about birth control.

Until a viable male birth control that doesn't involve needles is invented, it's incumbent on women to be truthful and vocal regarding birth control. Tina Fey once reminded us "your mouth can't get pregnant." Maybe that's the best policy for one-night stands. It's smarter than my foolproof system of whispering, "you are so beautiful, please don't have my baby." 

The consensus? Use protection, people! And, if it fails, you're both responsible for the consequences. The morning-after pill is sold over-the-counter in most pharmacies, and is most effective when used as soon as possible after unprotected sex. So, if you find yourself in a one-night stand oops, make like Mindy and Fred and get thee to the pharmacy, stat.

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