6 Things The Dog Says About Your Date

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Forget Google -- you can do all your scouting just by checking out their pup.

Dating a dog owner? Forget Google -- you can do all your scouting just by checking out their pup.

Here's what the dog says about . . .

Him if it's:

Well groomed: So, too, is the owner. If they're generous about their dogs, they'll likely be the same with their girlfriends.

Well behaved: He likes order and appreciates good manners - or, could be controlling. This calls for further investigation.

A pure breed: He knows what he wants and, depending on the breed, may have an eye for the finer things.

A mutt: He's less interested in outside appearances and cares more about what's in the heart.

A rescue: He may have a "white night" personality - or be thrifty.

Tiny: He's either effeminate or very confident.

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Her if it's:

"Froufrou" (i.e., manicured Maltese or pomeranian): She's high maintenance and prefers the finer things.

Active (i.e., Border collie or Sheltie): She's more laid back, adventurous, and hard working.

Fluffy (i.e., Bichon Frise or Poodle): She loves comfort, is warm, tender, and passionate.

Large: Tends to be standoffish or guarded and likes men who will respect her independence.

Tiny: She loves nurturing and caring for others. Some people may over consider her overprotective.


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