5 Best Celebrity Moms (Who Also Make Great Wives)


Jessica Alba Met Gala
Jessica Alba and four other celeb moms who do it all ... and well.

By Che Blackwood

Making a relationship work is hard. Throw in full-time jobs, opposing schedules and nosey families, and it can be darn near impossible to find the time you need to make it work. Now, add children to the mix, and some might begin to assume you’re attempting to commit partnership suicide.


Any woman that has the privilege of being called Mom, or even those who’ve tried their hand at babysitting, knows that after making macaroni necklaces and finishing science projects, there isn’t much time left at the end of the day to dedicate to yourself, let alone your partner.

Fortunately, it is possible to fulfill your parental duties and keep your mate happy without completely sacrificing your sanity, shower time or friendships. While it may sound like an urban legend, these celebrity moms have found a way to make juggling kids, love and inner happiness look somewhat easy: Related: Snooki’s Pregnancy – Can You Salvage Your Image?

1. Victoria Beckham: This former Spice Girl ditched her Posh-like alter ego for a life of domesticity after marrying sexy soccer player David Beckham in 1999. Four kids later, Mrs. Beckham can be found naming handbags from her clothing line after daughter Harper and taking her sons to FAO Schwartz. While it’s obvious that Beckham is a fun mom, she’s also a stunning wife. Low-cut dresses and six inch heels keep this mama looking hot and since their last child isn’t even a year old yet, it’s obvious that after thirteen years, her style has kept her husband interested.

2. Gwenyth Paltrow: Paltrow makes sure her children, Apple and Moses, think she rocks by taking them to see their dad, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, in concert as often as possible. On top of raising her children amongst some of music’s biggest legends, she’s also made a career out of mommy-blogging, dishing on the most kid-friendly restaurants and best toys. However, this celeb doesn’t pretend that being a wife and mom is easy. She’s reported that the pressure has caused trouble in her relationship, but in the end, commitment wins out. The actress reminds us that love can’t overcome everything, but that the willingness to try sure can. Her devotion to her family makes her one of the coolest moms we know.

3. Jennifer Garner: Garner is the epitome of a laid back mommy. Regardless of her Hollywood status, Mrs. Affleck walks her children to school every day, is frequently spotted bringing her two daughters to the park and focuses on each of her children’s individual interests. The actress is so humble that she had no problem dishing in an interview that her eldest daughter, 5-year-old Violet, called her fat. While a great attitude makes for a great mom, her bouncy personality has made her a great wife to actor Ben Affleck as well. In fact, he admitted publically that his wife’s unique demeanor leaves him happier and more at ease than he ever thought possible. With their first son having been born a month ago, let’s hope Garner can continue to keep this growing family happy.