Dating Disaster: Her Chihuahua Had "Human Rights"


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This blind date ended with me being accused of animal cruelty.

Mandy's mood improved a little the moment we reached the park's kiosk and saw various patrons accompanied by their pets. Heading directly to the counter, we ordered a couple of burgers – an order which Mandy quickly increased to three before apologizing to Jewels for the momentary lapse. 

The burgers were tasty and seemed to loosen Mandy's tongue once more; until Jewels started acting strangely and looking subdued. Donning a well-practiced look of concern, I bent down and picked Jewels up – a mistake which I regretted almost instantly as she regurgitated the burger all over my shirt. Dating Disaster: Are You A "Businessman" Or A Pimp?


Having been taken by surprise, I accidently let go of the Chihuahua who, having re-found her vigour, opted to replace her lost meal with my ankles. It was then that Mandy picked Jewels up and, with tears running down her cheeks, started screaming once again that I should be ashamed of myself – this time for being cruel to Jewels.

Completely lost for words, I simply sighed, turned around, and walked away amid various disparaging glances and words of abuse from the kiosk's patrons.

In a single hour I managed to date a girl and her Chihuahua, get screamed at for picking a racist restaurant, learn that Chihuahuas have human rights, buy a burger for said Chihuahua only to have it regurgitated all over me and get assaulted by the very same Chihuahua. To top it all up, I ended up being accused of animal cruelty.

I guess that's what you get when you allow a friend to set you up on a blind date. Again.

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