lack of communication in relationship


lack of communication in relationship
lets look at consequences of lack of communication in relationships causes and also some solutions

This can be done through text messages or on paper and should be giving to the other partner to read. Romantic movies can be watched together by couples to learn other ways they can communicate love to each other. What I’m saying is that anything that spokes about love expression should be read and studied by both parties; doing it together will enhance communication in the relationship. Overcome your shyness by telling your partner that you are shy when it comes to telling him or her how you feel, this may lead your partner to always help you out to express yourself. Tell your partner how much he or she means to you, don’t allow another person to do it for you.

Finally, I advice both couples and lovers to use time to read the non verbal means of communication loaded in their partner’s body language. This is because, some people prefer to send you love message more using their eyes, lips, body movement, tears, open mindedness, smiles, fashions, fingers, footsteps and so many other ways of communicating love. I also recommend that partners should understand their partner very well and books on communication should be read together by both parties. You can email me for your personal issues in your relationship, I promise to open your eyes and mind to many more issues that can help solve any kind of problem you may be having in your relationship or intended relationship. Do you have someone you are in love with but you don’t know if the person loves you too or you just want to get the person to love you? you can contact me on my email. please, share this beautiful post if you really read it.

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