Accept Your Body: Happy International No Diet Day!


Time to love your love handles, ladies.

That's right, ladies. It's f***ing International No Diet Day! Along with rolling your eyes at the kale in your fridge and reaching for a cupcake instead, accept your body at the same time. Why? Well, I don't think I have to tell you that perfection is overrated and, dare I say, boring? Here, I'll say it again, but a wee bit louder: ACCEPT YOUR BODY.

Since its creation in 1992, Mary Evans Young, the director of the British group "Diet Breakers" (someone sign me up, please!), not only is International No Diet Day about accepting your body and the fact that no two bodies are alike, but it's also dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and that moderation is your friend. Young, having battled with anorexia, wanted to create a day that helped women appreciate their bodies for what they are from head-to-toe.

So on this day that clearly supports throwing dieting into the trash where it belongs, let's look at some of the most common body parts women loathe about themselves and, instead, learn to love them. There's nothing like self-love — and yes, I'm talking about something more than masturbation here, although obviously, I'm not counting it out either. Loving yourself, in all forms, will lead to success in all aspects of your life. 'Tis true!

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