Boost your Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction Levels by 350%!


Boost your Relationship and Sexual Satisfaction Levels by 350%!
Are you and your partner starting to feel like roommates instead of soul-mates? Well keep reading!

Are you and your partner starting to feel like roommates instead soul mates? Is your relationship feeling dry and drained of its vital emotional and sexual intimacy? Do you feel like you’re just not getting what you really need from your partner right now? Do you need to save or uterly transform your relationship

Well, how would you like to literally blast your relationship with a massive dose of sexual and emotional happiness and satisfaction? More specifically how would a 350% jolt of pure emotional and erotic energy feel right about now? Want to learn how? Keep reading!



It’s all About the Dating!

Ok so everybody’s heard about the importance of date-night for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship or marriage. But what do you really know about doing date-night right?

For example, how often should you have date night? Is there actually a proven formula or set of dating steps and ingredients that will profoundly expand your emotional sense of connection and exotically spice up your sex life together?

Well it turns out that yes; there is a powerful date night formula that was recently developed through a careful analysis of the world’s best relationship science and couple-counseling research. Here’s how it works:


The 4 Ingredients of a Relationship Transforming Date-Night:

Let’s start by answering the critically important question of how often couples need to date in order to seriously boost their relationship and sexual satisfaction levels by a whopping 350%.

And by the way, dating this way has also been proven to protect your relationship from break up and divorce. It also seriously buffers against emotional and sexual cheating. As you’ve probably guessed, the ideal date night takes place at least once a week and lasts for a minimum of 3 hours.

This is serious quality time for you as a couple. All other distractions and responsibilities need to be put on the back burner or better yet, right into the fridge for the night, for this to really work. Here are the 5 ingredients for building and keeping a truly relationship transforming date-night:


Couple-Communication – That’s right. Just like in every other part of a strong and emotionally healthy relationship, effective couple communication is key. It’s all about really learning to hear and mirror each other’s most intimate thoughts, feelings and relationship needs.

The key questions here are: how would you rate your couple-communication on a scale of 1 to 10? If you scored your communication low on the scale, what’s getting in the way of your effective communication? Have you and your partner learned and mastered those essential couple communication basics?


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