What Guys Think Links: Does Porn Make Men Dumb?


Plus, how to keep him from cheating.

Madame Noire has their resident dude, the very sharp Damon Young, take a shot at answering some lady issues. First off, he checks in on a gal who's been dating a dude for six months, but the emotional and physical connection just isn't there. Plus, he's being kind of clingy. Normally, I'd suggest to her that she just move to a different city and get a new phone number, but he'd probably find her. 

Well, I'll be an Unkie Munkle. HowAboutWe is reporting that a study (by science) says dudes are more interesting in cuddling than gals. Well, ladies, let me point out that sometimes spooning leads to forking.


What's the question everyone wants to know about relationships? After, "should I settle?" is "can men and women really be just friends?" The smartypants over at AskMen take on that age-old question. I think I'll have to answer your question with a question, "how hot are the guy and girl?"

My good buddy Jacky Summers, at Good Men Project, wonders if the world wouldn't be a much better place if we all just had more sex. Good policy. I think we should start with Jesus' (or possibly Bill Cosby's) idea that things would be much more awesome if we were all just nicer.

Our very own Amanda Chatel also moonlights at The Gloss and she has a fun dating story to tell. Evidently, men should not use a catchall placeholder pronoun as it really bugs women. Got that, Chief, Captain, Guvnah, Bru, Hoss, Mang, Homes, Dudes, Guy?

Whoa. He said, she said gets really tricky when it comes to sexual assault. The great Christopher Dickey, from The Daily Beast, takes on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn civil case and what happens to the accuser when the prosecution drops the case because they no longer think a conviction is remotely possible.

What the what? The Frisky has an account of a dude who took his wife's last name. Way to prove a point, bro. Then again, if her name was easier to spell, towards the front of the alphabet or looks cool on the back of a letterman jacket…

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