Q & A With J. C. Khoury, Director Of "The Pill"


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"The Pill" is about two strangers who have a one-night-stand and deal with potential pregnancy.

J.C. Khoury: Exactly. That's one of the reasons I wanted to make this film. Some people think guys are just like, "Yeah, whatever," about birth control. But sometimes the guy's the more neurotic one.

YourTango: We don't typically associate the consequences of unsafe sex — disease, unwanted pregnancy — with romance or comedy. So what is The Pill? Is it a romantic comedy? 


J.C. Khoury: It's been labeled one. The biggest criticism is that the characters aren't very likable, like in a typical romantic comedy. I don't agree. I think these characters just aren't perfect. They're flawed, but charming, people in a very awkward situation. No one's a hero or a villain.

YourTango: People talk so much about red flags to watch out for and dealbreakers, but The Pill challenges that idea. Do you think the focus on dating dealbreakers might actually be hurting our chances at finding love?

J.C. Khoury: Yeah. If these two characters had been in different places in their lives, there wouldn't be nearly as much drama. But they don't meet at the perfect time. She's just out of a relationship; he's in a miserable one. Because of this, they tell white lies. They're not as open and honest as they could be. But this sort of thing happens all the time in real life. It doesn't make them bad people.

YourTango: What love lessons should we take from The Pill?

J.C. Khoury: For starters, it's best to be honest about your relationship status and your views on birth control and abortion before you have sex. ... I'd say the biggest lesson is not to be afraid of being honest. It's easier to do it from the start, so you don't have to sort everything out later. If a person can't handle your honesty, then that's not the person for you anyway. 

YourTango: So I have to ask, how did everything work out with you and your girlfriend after she took the morning-after pill?

J.C. Khoury: Everything was fine. We're not together anymore, but it had nothing to do with that. No baby for me, but I made a movie!

You can watch The Pill on cable video on demand, iTunes, or Amazon. Find out more on Twitter at @ThePill_Movie.

Do you think dating "dealbreakers" can be overcome, or even bring a couple together? Also, who do you think is more responsible about birth control: men or women?

Check out The Pill trailer:

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