Beautiful Pieces of my Broken Heart episode 4

Love, Heartbreak

… and Claire took a cab to her place. Cab was running along riverside

Continued from episode 3

… and Claire took a cab to her place. Cab was running along riverside and the whole view was so mesmerizing. I couldn't stop myself and asked the driver to stop the cab. We walked from Tower Bridge to Claire's flat on riverside path. Walking in my own thoughts with a smile on face and breathing fresh air; Claire asked in a flirting manner, “so you are available now”. I couldn't understand, is she telling me or asking me.

There was some one singing the song “Watching every motion in this foolish lover's game; Haunted by the notion somewhere there's a love in flames; Take my ….....”. But I was not foolish any more and out of my love blues. I was telling Claire how Becky dumped me in savage manner and never looked back before walking away with Tom. We reached to the flat and I was offered with my favourite lager and Claire was sipping on white wine.

Claire: Are you going to wait for some time or going to find another girl?
Me: Don't know; may be I should give myself some time for self discovery and find out what is good for me.

Claire: Do you mean single hood or hang around with many girls?
Me: Is it a new suggestion?

Claire: No you cheeky boy; I am just being nosey. May be I can be helpful to you.
Me: Hmm how you will help me? Are you going to give me a crash course in finding a girl or what?

Claire: Here I will show you; how to get a right girl.
Me: On your laptop; have you got pics of girls available for me?

Claire: I am starving; I am ordering pizza which one you like?
Me: Ham and pineapple my favourite. Thanks for treating me babes.

Claire: I am not treating you; just looking after you. So tell me what you want in a girl for a relationship.
Me: I am not looking for relationship at the moment. Just want some space.

Claire: Pizza is here. I am having a beer with pizza, you want another beer?
Me: Yeah sure. How was your trip to Florida?

Claire: Oh it was amazing; I show you pics of Florida trip. But don't laugh on some funny pics of the theme park.
Me: Come on I won't laugh. As long as you are not dancing on table drunk like last years Christmas party lol.

Claire: This pic is after roller-coaster ride; I was feeling so sick. This one is at the beach it was warm and so nice. Every one told me I look hot in this bikini; what you think?
Me: If every one is saying; sure you look pretty.

Claire: You tell me what you think about these pics at beach?
Me: Are you flirting with me? Ha ha

Claire: Forget about it; any way you don't know how to praise a girl.
Me: Damn it's 11; I should leave now other wise I will be late for work in the morning.

Claire: Why don't you stay here tonight. We can go to work together in the morning and you can tell me what you are looking for in a girl.

Me: Will continue in next episode next Saturday


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