L'Oréal Is Calling All Leading Ladies In Digital Media!


Know a powerful woman in tech or digital? Nominate her for L'Oréal's Women in Digital program.

Here in New York, we know so many inspiring women who are kicking butt in the digital media world. With social media playing a larger and larger role in our lives — including dating lives — every day, it's great to see women taking the reins.

That's why we're so excited that one of our favorite beauty companies, L'Oréal USA, just announced the Women in Digital Program, a new initiative that will celebrate and nurture women working in technical and digital roles. As part of this program, L'Oréal will award five "NEXT Generation Awards" to the top rising female entrepreneurs managing and leading tech-driven companies.

Know a leading lady you'd like to nominate? L'Oréal is accepting nominations through May 30, so make sure to cast yours at www.lorealwomenindigital.com. Also, make sure to follow L'Oréal on Twitter @LOrealWID to learn more about how to empower women through digital technology.

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