Dismissed! Adam Levine Not Feeling Jennifer Love Hewitt's Crush

Adam Levine at vanity fair oscars party

The Maroon 5 singer totally shuts down the actress's advances.

Sorry Jennifer Love Hewitt, but it looks like Adam Levine's just not that into you.

Earlier this month, the curvaceous star of The Client List joked she had her eyes on the newly-single Maroon 5 frontman – telling Ellen DeGeneres they "would be cute" together and she thought his new haircut was "hot."

She then said "That would be amazing!" when Ellen pretended to call him for a date. Re-watch the video here.

So ... what does Adam think of JLH's crush?

Read and watch a clip of Adam dissing Jennifer on TooFab: Dismissed! Adam Levine Not Feeling Jennifer Love Hewitt's Crush

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