"Five-Year Engagement" Giveaway: Win Fun Prizes Or A Cash Card!

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What's the longest an engagement should last? Tell us in the comments for the chance to win a prize!

What's the longest an engagement should last? In The Five-Year Engagement, Tom and Violet (Jason Segel and Emily Blunt) stretch it out until it seems like there will never be a "happily ever after." Career plans and wacky hijinks keep thwarting their "save the date" until it seems like it'll never happen — until eventually, they decide to just get it over with. 

In theaters this Friday, April 27, The Five-Year Engagement, directed by Nicholas Stoller, promises to be a hilarious look at one couple's crawl toward matrimony. Personally, I can't wait to see the chemistry between Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, with his boyish charm contrasted to her wry humor.

Want to enter our Five-Year Engagement contest? Tell us in the comments: What's the longest you think an engagement should last? Contest closes on midnight May 11! 

You could win: 

  • Movie merchandise: A super-cute cosmetic bag filled with lip shine, nail files, eye mask, a purse hanger, a comb/mirror and a faux engagement ring!
  • $100 Visa cash card to spend on a "night at the movies."

Click here to read the official contest rules.

Check out the Five-Year Engagement trailer:

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