3 Reasons Feminists Can (And Maybe Even Should) Enjoy Spanking


sexy girl spanking
Why feminists (both male and female) are just as likely to like the rough stuff as anybody else.

3. We don't know funk-all about women's sexuality. Some ladies can only bust if they're laying in one particular direction while one particular act (or device) is being employed, and other ladies orgasm wildly from anal. For all we know, the tendrils we suspect traveling from a woman's clitoris to her G spot could also slither further and farther.

Furthermore, just because you're the person with the riding crop, it doesn't automatically make you the boss, as "power bottoms" can attest. I'd wager that spanking isn't usually the idea of the person doing it. It's nerve-wracking for the "spanker." How hard do I do it? What if I leave a hand-shaped bruise? Will this path end in a dungeon with some porkers masturbating to us hitting each other with soggy loaves of bread? If you are in the position of being a "dominant submissive," you have more power than you'd expect. Even as a "submissive submissive," you have a ton of power in that you can pull the plug whenever you please with your "safe word."


I don't think a woman's employment or social politics really has any influence of what she likes in the sack. Frankly, I developed a theory that any woman who wants to hook up with me probably has daddy issues, likes to have her hair pulled or both. So far, so good, but it's a relatively small sample size (NO, IT'S A GOOD SAMPLE SIZE DARNIT!) and, at this point, probably an awful lot of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Can a lady like it rough and still be a feminist?

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