Secret Service Sex Scandal: Should Prostitution Even Be Legal?


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What should the Secret Service scandal in Colombia teach us about prostitution?

Prostitution is an economic problem as much as it is a social one. Many women go into it because they're poor and have few other choices. That's why gradual criminalization of the patronage — not the profession — coupled with social programs aimed at getting these women into normal jobs, is what should be happening around the world.

Ideally what should also be happening is "douchebag re-education," and I'm only half-joking about this. I'm extremely tired of hearing stories in the media about people not keeping it in their pants. Just humor me once: Give me a big news story about a guy who's faithful to his wife and has sex with her every night. Actually, that would make a great Onion article. 

What do you think about the Secret Service prostitution scandal?

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