Brooklyn Decker's Number One Crush Is... A Woman?

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The 'Battleship' actress reveals her "Top-five list" in the new issue of GQ.

Brooklyn Decker is the object of many mens' fantasies. But who's on the top of the model-turned-actress' list of crushes?

Gisele Bundchen!

Brooklyn makes the surprising (and hot) admission in the May 2012 issue of GQ. "I have a top-five list, and Gisele is my number one. So she can do no wrong in my eyes," the Battleship beauty says.

"Everyone has a top-five list of their biggest crushes, you know? Usually, it's guys on my list, but Gisele is just so perfect in every way."

Read who else made Decker's top-five list & see her hot GQ photo shoot on TooFab: Brooklyn Decker's Number One Crush Is... A Woman?

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