Winners Can Be Choosers


What's a girl to do? I won a free night in a seedy motel and don't know who to invite to the party

by Julie Robinson

Just last month I won a goodies bag chock full of sex toys. A beautiful, pink vibrator bigger than most cocks I’ve seen, anyway. Slimy lube. Silky panties. Breath mints.

Other people might say, “I can’t believe my luck!”

I just say, “Yeah, I win shit.”

Big shit. I’ve won a weekend in San Francisco, a Mediterranean cruise, a week to the South of France, and a weekend in Omaha, Nebraska (don’t ask).

The other night I was hanging out with Mathias, and we had a chance to win a raffle for a free room at a seedy motel in a suburb of Denver. I didn’t win that night . . . but I didn’t worry about it too much, and the next time I showed up at that very same seedy motel--I won!

So, now I have a free night stay in a seedy motel with a “clothing optional” indoor pool and Jacuzzi, two bedrooms, mirrors everywhere, porn above the fireplace, and a funny looking contraption in a side room that is supposed to send women over the moon; I can’t wait to figure out how I want this to all play out when I cash in my prize.

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