Make My Day

Sex, Self

Tricks for making each and every day your absolute best. . . . and a few surprises from strangers.

by Julie Robinson

  Over the years I’ve become quite skilled at doing exactly what I want, when I want, simply because I want. This approach to life—make every day count—is a choice that has left me happy/completely broke/sexually charged/selfish and for the most part I’m okay with that. Here’s my recipe for preparing for a day of self-indulgence:

1 C of waking up without an alarm at a time that completely suits me—sometimes early, sometimes late

1 TBSP of cuddling with Bennett (my dog) or the lucky guy who happens to be in my bed after the night before

1 TSP of lingering over a latte

½ dash of mapping out exactly what I want to do for the day

Sift the dry ingredients together until well blended and add wine/beer/margaritas until the mixture forms a stiff pastelike substance. Bake at a warm, balmy 70 degrees and sunny. Cut into bitesized pieces and share with friends and family.

Most days it’s me at the helm steering my world in the direction I want it to go. I see it as my responsibility to make my life as blissful as I can. That’s my job. On other occasions complete strangers have stepped up to the plate and completely made my day. . . . . Read more. . . .


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