7 Celebs Who Have Officiated Their Friends' Weddings


Lady Gaga wearing black sunglasses
Some of our favorite stars have become ordained ministers in order to marry off their friends!

A fairly new trend taking over Hollywood is celebrities marrying off their friends. 

Conveniently, with the help of several online companies, one can easily be granted ordained minister status in order to conduct an official wedding and marry a couple. (Kathy Griffin says it only took her 10 minutes!) Wedding Trend: Would You Get Married By A Friend?

It's no surprise then that many of our favorite stars, including Lady Gaga, Jason Segel and more, have taken advantage of this honor in order to unite close friends, fans, and even contest winners in holy matrimony. Find out which of your favorite stars double as ordained ministers in our gallery:

PHOTOS: 7 Celebs Who Have Officiated Their Friends' Weddings

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