11 Ways To Spring-Clean Your Single Life


11 Ways To Spring-Clean Your Single Life
How I'm reinventing myself this spring, after a tumultuous period in my love life.

I'm a big proponent of spring cleaning. I actually do a thorough cleaning of my closet every other month or so, because I get bored and realize I have much to unload from my wardrobe. However, this spring I'm taking my self-reinvention to a whole new level and making changes that aren't just closet-specific. In other words, I'm spring-cleaning my life.

After a month abroad and a roller coaster of a love life in the last few years, I've decided to slow down and focus on me. I have zero desire to complicate my life and am going to turn this season into one that is all about rejuvenating my soul — both literally and metaphorically. Here are the 11 (because I couldn't stop at 10!) ways I'll be kicking my single life into gear this spring.

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