Pelvic Floor Sculpting.


Pelvic Floor Sculpting.
A Deep Tissue-style massage that can get a woman focussed on her BODY, especially her LOWER BODY.

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Many, MANY moons ago, I studied Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy. I found it VERY interesting as it worked on both the emotional and physical levels at the same time. How-wevver, I also had the feeling that there were some possible applications that either the instructors didn’t know about or they weren’t telling us, their students.
Me being the inquisitive soul that I am, I got to thinking about this and I came up with several answers. I post one of those answers for you now.
Before I go on, I would like to emphasize that this technique is derived from Deep tissue Muscle Therapy which works with the emotions at least as much as with the physical body. It is possible that this work may surface some deep or deeply hidden emotions, especially if the subject has experienced sexual trauma in the past, and both the subject and the operator should be aware of this possibility and be both open to and capable of dealing with it.
This technique involves sculpting the edges of the bones around the female pelvic floor opening. I have found it easiest to work with the subject lying face down as the subject then does not have to move for the operator to access all necessary areas. It does not matter whether the subject chooses to be naked or to keep her underwear on. Full access is possible either way with no variation in technique other than reaching beneath the underwear to contact the skin if the underwear is still being worn. The subject’s legs do not need to be widely parted. Having the feet apart about 18 to 24 inches is ample. It is usually best to perform this technique after a full body massage, especially if the two people involved are not intimate partners.
A pillow or cushion or a rolled-up towel placed under the subject between the hip joints and the pubic bone can make access easier and a rolled-up towel placed under the ankles can ease any strain on the ankles during the massage.
All movements should be slow and firm but sensitive to the subject’s responses. The object is to work on the edges of the bone around the pelvic floor opening rather than on any muscles. Use plenty of good quality massage oil and work from the pubic bone up and back toward the tailbone or coccyx.
In the case of couples who are having intimate sexual relations with each other, there will usually be no problem with a male operator making contact with the subject’s vulva. In the case of a male working with a female subject with whom he is not having intimate sexual relations, there ought to be some discussion prior to commencing this work about whether or not the subject is comfortable with the male operator making actual physical contact with her vulva. If she is comfortable with the operator making that contact, well and good. If she is not comfortable with the operator making actual physical contact with her vulva, the operator should start adjacent the vulva. Once he has made firm contact with the subject’s skin adjacent her vulva, he may push the skin and the vulva slightly sideways to reach the centre of the pelvic floor opening before commencing the actual massage movements.
(A question does come to mind here regarding the above paragraph. If a woman is not comfortable with having her vulva touched, or at least prepared to be open-minded enough to experience that contact to see if she can be comfortable with it, what is she doing in that situation in the first place.

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