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Is It The Right Time To Bring Him Home For Easter Or Passover?


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Should you invite your new-ish boyfriend home for Easter?
How long do you date someone before bringing them home for the holidays to meet your family?

You and your guy have been dating for a few months and are still getting to know each other. Is he "The One?" Maybe, but you're either not 100 percent sure — or don't want to scare him off by laying all your cards out on the table. How do you go about handling holidays like Easter or Passover? Do you bring him home to meet the family even if he might not be around next year, or do you split for the weekend to go to your respective family homes? 

Sparkology.com, a dating website for young professionals, recently asked their members: How long do you date someone before introducing them to your family? The results:

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  • Less than 3 months: 6 percent
  • 3-6 months: 46 percent
  • 6-12 months: 38 percent
  • More than a year: 10 percent


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I asked our staff to respond to the same question, and people's opinions also varied widely, from "two months" to Lyz's "I waited until we were engaged, three years after we started dating, because my family is crazy." I personally think somewhere between six to nine months is ideal in a typical relationship, but it depends on how far your relationship has progressed and, in part, how comfortable your respective families are with having people's significant others over.

Is there a "right time" to invite your partner home for Easter or Passover? 

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