8 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About Love


8 Things Baseball Can Teach Us About Love
Baseball season starts tonight, and there are a few things sackers can teach us about love.

7: The last three outs are the hardest. The beginning part is fun. The post-honeymoon phase has its moments. But splitting up is awful. Be wary of people who are cavalier about breakups; they have ice water in their veins and salt water in their hearts.

8: Every day is exactly the same. Fun traditions and good habits make us who we are, but tedium wears everyone down. Experiment with different positions, grips and stances — particularly if you're not getting the results you want. Feel free to play light-hearted jokes on each other but don't put Icy-Hot in each other's jocks (unless it's a thing you're into).


Very painful bonus: Never trust the Atlanta Braves. They, like anyone you fall in love with while on vacation, will break your heart if you give them even the smallest of chances.

*Note: The MLB braintrust headed up by Bud Selig actually started the season this year by matching up the Oakland Athletics and the Seattle Mariners in Japan.

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