Can Being A Sibling Teach You To Have A Good Relationship?


Can Being A Sibling Teach You To Have A Good Relationship?

Between the passive-aggressive verbal assaults, physical encounters, finger pointing, name-gaming nonsense, we’ve seen some real and palpable tough times. There have been days where I’ve been called on to be her little brother. That’s a role that I relish and will always take seriously.

The same thing goes for relationships. It’s easy to be a fun, happy boyfriend or girlfriend. Life is great when you’re out on the town having drinks and dinner, going to your favorite club, seeing a movie, or whatever the case may be. The next day that person may be in need of something more concrete. You might be called on to be there for support and you better be ready for it. If you aren’t, then just listen to everything they have to say to you. Be a softie. Listen, understand and appreciate. That’s your job as a sibling, significant other and a person in the world.

Do you think being a sibling has helped shape your relationship? Share your comments below.

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