3 Powerful Marriage Lessons From Easter


Good Friday crosses
One husband finds practical relationship lessons in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Standing up for your rights is part of the American fabric of life. But in marriage, if you want a deeper level of intimacy, sometimes you have to set your rights aside for the sake of your relationship. Sometimes you have to give up on being right and focus instead on doing right. 3 Tips For Reviving Relationship Intimacy

Do you have it in you to give grace when your husband makes a bone-headed mistake? Can you respond with calm kindness when your wife is blatantly disrespectful to you? It’s not easy. It’s against our self-protective and self-centered human nature. But the bottom line is that we have to want intimacy more than we want perfection.


3. There is hope and promise for tomorrow. Did you ever consider Easter Sunday from the perspective of the Saturday between the cross and the resurrection? The disciples had given up their lives to follow Jesus. It had cost them everything. Then, in the course of one week, they watch as Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday collapses into his arrest and crucifixion. Even though he had told them all this would happen, they still did not believe. And how hopeless the Saturday after Jesus' death must have been. 4 Common Relationship Communication Problems & How To Fix Them

Maybe that's not so different from a troubled marriage. When you marry, you chose to become one with your beloved, entering hopefully into the covenant of marriage. In a sense, it’s a life commitment not unlike the disciples had made. You are saying, "I'm all in. All I am is yours. I'm with you to the end."

Sooner or later, though, the early exuberance and tingly feelings run into real life. Times get hard. Jobs are lost. Parents and kids get sick. Seemingly insurmountable troubles and conflicts arise. Stuff happens to your marriage, and sometimes it feels hopeless. 5 Relationship Skills For Resolving Conflicts

The beauty of the cross is in the promise of Easter, where God shows His natures as a redeemer and restorer. If your marriage is in a time of stress and pain, put your hope in the one who sees past the immediate circumstances of your life and into a hopeful and wonderful future. It is very possible that God could use the current difficulty in your marriage to create something even more beautiful and enduring than you could ever imagine.

As you celebrate Easter with your family this year, take some time to reflect on the meaning for your marriage. Allow the wonderful and powerful spiritual truths of Easter breathe new life into your relationship, and your bond will be stronger for it. 

What does Easter's message of supreme love mean to you?

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