"Anchorman" Is Back! 6 Saucy Quotes From The Film


anchorman 2 ron burgundy
We are in a glass case of emotion over "Anchorman 2." Our favorite quotes from the first movie.

We love lamp. We love a little afternoon delight even more. But what we love most is the fact that Will Ferrell announced the return of legendary (note: this is highly subjective) 2004 flick Anchorman on Conan O'Brien last night. Anchorman 2! The legend of Ron Burgundy continues. Time to get out the jazz flute and ride unicorns through Pleasuretown. How many more Anchorman references can I cram into one post? Clearly I am in a glass case of emotion over this. A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION.

With this exciting news, it's time to relive our favorite Anchorman quotes, though it was hard to pick just a few. 

PHOTO GALLERY: Anchorman Is Back! 6 Saucy Quotes From The Film

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