5 Things Everyone Should Know About Condoms


condoms in assorted colors
From proper application to proper storage, some tips for ultimate condom mastery.

3. Proper application. Putting the condom on may seem like the easiest part of the night, but plenty can go wrong in the process. One tip for ultimate success and fewer "oops" moments—make sure it's on properly! This means rolling it all the way down (we know you can get impatient, but it's a few extra seconds) and make sure to squeeze the air from the tip. Also verify that the condom is not inside out and has no holes. There, that didn't take so long! Commence sexual activity.

4. Know your lube. Plenty of condoms come already lubricated, eliminating yet another step in the prep-to-penetration process of sex. But some still like a little extra juice to ensure a long-lasting love session, and that's awesome. Just make sure your lube and condom are compatible. Here's what you should know: Oil-based lubes can weaken latex condoms, making them more prone to breakage. Yikes. 10 Reasons To Use Lube

5. The kind-of obvious. This should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately plenty of people refrain from slipping on a glove before intercourse, so it's worth a mention here. Aside from abstinence, condoms are your only way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Not to mention, they're pretty great at preventing unwanted pregnancies, too. Whatever your claim for not using one—that it takes away your pleasure, it's too thick, etc.—try browsing some of the many different varieties available and find one that suits your needs.

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