April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Significant Other


April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Significant Other

By Ryan Boyle for Cupid's Pulse

Whether it’s the prank of all pranks, or a cute and funny trick you play on your better half, taking part in some April Fools Day shenanigans is a great way to reacquaint your partner with your playful side. A couple harmless escapades can be exactly what you need to create those memorable laughs that help keep your relationship strong. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, Cupid is here to help. Here are five tricks that are sure to get a rise out of your mate:


1. Bogus Lottery Ticket

It’s no secret that we’d all like to be millionaires. So, it’s time to trick your love with a fake ticket to Paradise. All you need to do is mix a bogus lottery ticket from a trick shop into a pile of real ones you’ve purchased from the local gas station. Leave them on the kitchen table, or a place in the house he’ll be sure to frequently visit. When he gets home, tell him you were feeling lucky and decided to buy a few tickets for the two of you to enjoy together. Watch as his eyes light up with thoughts of all the ways he’s going to spend his newfound fortune. Of course, when he returns from his triumphant jog and realizes the ticket was fake, you’ll have to be there to playfully laugh at him and give him a long consoling hug.

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2. Have Him Think You’re Planning a Massive Prank

Psych majors gather around in an effort to employ a little reverse psychology this April Fools. This non-trick will prove to be a bit more difficult to carry out, but will leave a lasting sense of trickery paranoia on your partner throughout the day.

Start a few days before the first of the month and tell your mate that you have something spectacular planned for April Fools and he’s the target. Let them know that you’ve been talking about it with your friends and they’re all in on the joke. As the days go on, he’ll grow increasingly curious and when he asks you about it, be sweet and sinister in the way you let him know that he’ll just have to wait and see. Of course, at the days end, he’ll be sure to ask you about the prank, to which you reply “April Fools!”

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3. Scratch Decals

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